April 9 Pahokee City Commission Meeting was the beginning of #PahokeeRising

Posted 4/12/24

The City of Pahokee Commission Meeting of Tuesday, April 9, saw two new City Commissioners sworn in.

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April 9 Pahokee City Commission Meeting was the beginning of #PahokeeRising


The City of Pahokee Commission Meeting of Tuesday, April 9, saw two new City Commissioners sworn in. Both incumbents were removed by the voters. Group 1 seat incumbent Gonzalez was voted out in the March 19 election. Group 2 seat incumbent Perez was roundly defeated in the April 2 Runoff election. The new Commissioners, Everett D. McPherson, Sr., for Group 1 and Sanquetta Cowan-Williams for Group 2 were sworn in at the beginning of the meeting under presentations. Gonzalez showed up to his last meeting as Commissioner while Perez chose not to attend. Perez not showing up says all you need to know about her.

Following the swearing-in and sitting of the new dais members, the meeting ran smoothly and professionally. The audience was respectful and did not include the frequent disturbances seen by certain members of the public (who again like Perez chose not to attend.) This meeting showed much improvement in decorum (both from the Commission members and the audience) that had been lacking for quite some time. The meeting agenda was completed in roughly 2 hours.

On that evening’s agenda was an Ordinance. A. ORDINANCE 2024 - 01 (first reading) AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF PAHOKEE, FLORIDA, AMENDING ARTICLE II, SECTION 2-29 ENTITLED “ORDER OF BUSINESS”; RENUMBERING AND REORDERING AS NECESSARY; PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE. During the March 26, 2024, City Commission Meeting, Mayor Babb requested amending the City Commission Agenda Layout to reflect Public Comment (agenda items only) at the beginning of the meeting and General Public Comments (items not on the agenda) at the end. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I would suggest one modification. Some cities provide 5 minutes for public comment if the individual is speaking to 2 or more agenda items. I would suggest the City Commission add this to the Ordinance prior to the second reading/passing.

Rhonda Giger from the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics provided the Ethics Training to the full Commission. Current Vice Mayor Murvin was voted by her fellow Commissioners to serve another year as Vice Mayor. All in all, this meeting left me very hopeful for the future of Pahokee. There was no drama from the dais or from the audience in attendance. Everyone at the meeting showed the respect conducting the business of the city deserves. It is evident by the results of the latest elections in Pahokee that the voters have chosen to move from city meetings being sideshows to reputable city business assemblies. I, for one, am overjoyed that I will no longer have to address Gonzalez’s and Perez’s words, actions, and votes. However, I will continue to hold the new Commissioners and full dais accountable for their words, actions, and votes.

A special thank you to Pahokee’s electorate for choosing to bring accountability and consequences to the incumbents by electing new City Commissioners. Voters have decided to begin what I am calling the #PahokeeRising chapter with newly elected representatives to the city’s governing board. I look forward to the progress and unlimited possibilities the city will now have. I hope the April 9 City Commission meeting becomes the new example of how the city meetings can and will occur going forward.

Lastly, my request to the public: Please stay or get active in YOUR city government and community. Voting matters but being an active citizen in your community the other 364 days a year is also significantly important. Join city advisory boards, attend city events and programs, get your questions and issues addressed directly from city staff/administration. At the end of the day, ask not what your city can do for you, but what you can do for your city!

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