Yoga for Life: Half Moon - a challenging yoga posture

Posted 8/29/23

Individuals grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at different stages.

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Yoga for Life: Half Moon - a challenging yoga posture


Individuals grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at different stages. As an infant, consciousness is awakened and pivots through many unconscious moments that develop into behavioral patterns.

Thinking “health and wellness” is reenforced over time learning new behaviors. One option to maintain health and wellness is choosing a yoga practice applied as you walk, stand and flow from one activity to the next. It is important in all physical movements to achieve greater flexibility and balance

Today’s yoga features Shield Wellness practioners, Kate Matthews, Cynthia Chamberlain, Lori Melton in the challenging balance pose, “Half Moon.” The first stage in initiating this posture is to close the eyes, maintain balance and stand tall in the center of the Yoga mat. As you hold the pose, keep the arms down by the thighs, hands open and each leg in line with the hip. This pose is a traditional way of beginning a Yoga class that awakens the mind/body.

Begin with deep breathing through the nose, stand tall with a straight back and pull the energy up from the Earth. When Yoga postures are selected to initiate, begin with a mental visualization of the pose before you attempt to actualize it through the physical body. Yoga begins in the mind and is initiated through the body.

Shield Yoga students demonstrate, “Half-Moon” by first, standing tall in the center of the mat. If balancing poses are difficult to initiate in the beginning, stand with the back against a wall before raising one leg to the side, waist high, as the other leg is implanted into the mat. As the body faces forward, one arm extends up to the sky, maintaining balance on the standing leg. “Half Moon” pose is formed as the body remains balanced and facing forward. This pose awakens the core and nervous system, releases toxins with each exhale and increases the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. This pose strengthens mental stability through concentration and deep breathing.

Repeat the same steps to initiate the pose on each side of the body, lengthening the spine as one arm is lifted upwards and the other arm extends to the floor as the spine is lengthened in both directions. As you move into the pose, contract the abdominal muscles to strengthen the lower back.

This Yoga posture is an exploration of inner consciousness and awakens the core.
In order to achieve balance, take hold of the mind and cultivate a renewed focus on health and wellness. For greater improvement in any Yoga practice, continue to adapt the poses to everyday life routines as you bend, stand, walk, and run.

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