Yoga for Life: Flow like a windmill and discover inner-harmony

Posted 3/10/23

When the body moves and flows, life slows down and harmony replaces everyday tension.

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Yoga for Life: Flow like a windmill and discover inner-harmony


When the body moves and flows, life slows down and harmony replaces everyday tension. Today’s “Windmill Lunge” pose brings the mind/body together in a flowing movement to slow down and relax.

The windmill dates back to the Greek Emperor Heron of Alexandria who 1,500 years ago, invented it to utilize the power of the wind to generate energy and, paradoxically, to generate “music.” The musical instrument was called “the “organ.”

By the 1940’s in the United States, when gas and oil prices were rising, the windmill was used to generate electricity through wind turbines which are still used today by some farmers and cattle ranchers. Flowing across time into the 21st Century, the musical harmony generated by the organ is used to calm the mind/body and celebrate life. Today’s yoga pose synchronizes with the flow and movement of that ancient invention with a posture called: “The Windmill Lunge.”

“The Windmill Lunge,” moves the arms slowly in a circle around the body to sweep away tension. Yoga practitioners Cindy Edgar and Tamar Shafer, at Shield Wellness Center in Sebring, gracefully demonstrate this beautiful posture.

“Windmill Lunge” extends the core of the body to each side with conscious awareness. It is executed with thought and gentleness, not forcing any movements when lunging deeply to one side and holding the pose with the eyes closed.

Begin the pose in a wide legged lunge, bending the knee of the front leg, in a straight line with the other one which is held long in the same direction. When this pose is executed, begin slowly and turn the body in the same direction as the leg with the bent knee, keeping the thigh aligned over the foot. Circle one arm forward, keeping it close to the body and return it over the top of the head. Hold the pose at the top, as you breathe deeply, exhaling slowing then change the arms and legs to the other side and repeat.

This pose quiets and fine tunes the mind/body to “let go” of tension. “Windmill Lunge” is a wonderful pose to do in unison with other practioners, accompanied by melodious background music.

When life seems to be churning out of control, awake in the morning to “Windmill Lunge” and begin the day with calmness. When you stand tall in the center of your yoga mat, visualize and imagine the gentle winds flowing around you, eyes closed, then begin to float into the posture. If you become stuck in negativity from previous days, pull out the Yoga mat, stand in the center, close your eyes and reach to the stars. Life is full of Joy!

Join the Shield Wellness Center Yoga class on U.S. 1 North of Sun and Lakes Blvd. Classes are FREE. Tuesdays and Fridays, 1 to 2 p.m. and Thursdays, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Yoga is a wonderful way to let go of the world!

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