Yoga for Life

Posted 5/6/22

Yoga focuses first, on the mind, learning how to clear out extraneous thoughts, nervousness, and the emotional impact of every day worldly concerns.

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Yoga for Life


At the beginning of the industrial relation, English romantic poet, William Wordsworth (1807), laments that there is a “withering connection between humankind and nature,” blaming society for replacing that connection with material pursuits. He states that the material world (cities, jobs, financial obligations) control our lives to an unhealthy digress. We have lost connection to find tranquility in nature.” Often in yoga, we take our practice outside to ease the pressure of this state of consciousness with fresh air and sunshine.

Yoga focuses first, on the mind, learning how to clear out extraneous thoughts, nervousness, and the emotional impact of every day worldly concerns. Just as the little caterpillar later emerges from its cocoon, Yoga breaks the mind/body into a beautiful new reality, despite temporary limiting circumstances.

If you are a yoga practioner, you understand this gradual transformation and foresight into creating a new you through conscious awareness, just as the beautiful butterfly emerges and spreads its wings into the wind. As humans, we often stay in a cocoon of materialism and seldom stretch our conscious awareness to creating an expanded realty. Yoga is a way to move into another reality of health, happy and awareness. In and through troubled times, initiating a practicing yoga revitalizes human growth and happiness. Yoga focuses on creating Joy.

Just as we begin to initiate a new world of challenging different Yoga postures that the body resists, at first, conscious focus is the key, not just to mastering difficult postures, the physical body resist but uses that same energy to consciously breakthrough seemingly unresolvable situations we do not choose but perform to preserve financial security as we often sit for long periods on the computer in a chair.

Now let’s move into a new world of mobility through yoga to increase conscious awareness in all that we do. Yoga is not complicated to master with defined physical practice and mental focus. Begin by standing tall and deeply inhaling through the nose reach the arms to the sky for several minutes, then slowly exhale the internal toxins. Repeat this several times, very slowly with conscious awareness. Let all other thoughts go. Then bring the arms to the sides, with eyes closed and focus on expanding the inhales and exhales. Relax the internal organs and release the tension throughout the body. Start at the feet and sink them deeper into the earth. Stand firm and pull up stored energy to feel a new vital self. As you are doing this simple breathing process, pull up the edges of the lips into a little smile and maintain it with a voice of greeting to all to match the gentleness of the new, revitalized you.

You can also do this same practice laying down on the mat and repeating the breathing mantra. The point, is to lay straight, flat on the back and deeply breath. Focus your thoughts on joy and happiness despite your circumstances so new vital energy can replace the old thinking and repetitive practice.

This is new life you can generate each day and hold onto it. Thank the day for the opportunity to create joy and spread it into all circumstances with all people. Awaken to a new you, and bring it into your world of people.

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