Yoga for Life: Yoga builds willpower

Posted 2/10/23

A Yoga practice reenforces physical strength as the “mind” is focused on the “will” to execute a particular body posture...

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Yoga for Life: Yoga builds willpower

Courtesy photo

A Yoga practice reenforces physical strength as the “mind” is focused on the “will” to execute a particular body posture requiring endurance, stamina and concentration. All of these traits are essential in today’s reality to maintain harmony and health in everyday life.

Practicing Yoga for many years, aligns that body and mind to act in unison for the accomplishment of healthy goals. Today’s world bombards humans with many alternative thinking modes that need to be evaluated before execution in daily life. Concentration on the purpose of each Yoga move is essential to determine how the body moves and what physical characteristics and adjustments need to come into alignment to gain the most benefit from each Yoga posture. Iyengar Yoga, (founded by B.K.S. Iyengar) demonstrates in his book, “Light on Yoga,” postures to be integrated into everyday activity to gain the most physical/mental/spiritual benefit.

By formulating Yoga postures, first in the mind, the body learns to visualize how to initiate the pose in the body with the foremost goal of health and wellness. Yehudi Menuhin, an American born British violist and conductor, widely considered one of the greatest violists of the 20th Century, who wrote the forward to Iyengar’s book, states that “our fundamental attitudes of life have their physical counterparts in the body. The strength of will for each of us to stretch the body in defiance of gravity requires “tenacity.” In Yoga, “tenacity” is gained by the impetus and ambition to control balance, swinging the arms slowly into each pose, while remaining calm with concentration on each movement. Relaxation and tension while breathing, constitutes a wave or vibration replicated into the flow of universal energy.”

This philosophy is also expressed by Yehudi Menuhin, who utilizes Yoga principles to evolve his musical prowess, just as the Yoginis in today’s photo, Tamra and Joyce Shafer, demonstrating the harmonious flow of energy to perform balance and lengthening in this challenging

“Warrior Pose.” Moving into the posture, one arm is extended forward from the shoulder, as the leg on the same side is extended long and straight to the back. The opposite arm stays implanted on the floor supporting body weight, as the other arm is extended long, comprising balance in the core as the opposite leg is bent at the knee, onto the mat. The posture is held for several breaths and the body lengthened. The head remains lifted in a straight line with the back.

This pose is a form of “Warrior Three,” affirming balance in the core and throughout the body. In this pose, the heel and toes are firmly pointed down and the knee is tucked tightly into the thigh and leg. It is essential to maintain concentration and willpower to hold the pose for several deep breaths. “Willpower” overcomes fledgling concentration and strength to recharge this posture with energy. The stretch and symmetry in this pose creates a firm balance.

This “Warrior Pose” is a challenge to execute, just as many life situations today require the same affirmation to succeed. The decisions we execute in Yoga, are applicable to our individual lives just as we practice Yoga with “fortitude” to maintain health and fitness.

All are invited to practice Yoga with us at the Shield Wellness Center, 4597 Casablanca Circle, Sebring (North on U.S. 27, just past the turn off to Sun and Lakes Blvd.) The FREE CLASSES are held: Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00 p.m., Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. and Fridays, 1:00-2:00 p.m. Just bring yourself and your positive Spirit as Yoga mats and props are provided.

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