SPEAK OUT! Readers share opinions

Posted 5/22/23

Speak Out is a reader response column. Comments may be posted on the newspaper’s website, southcentralfloridalife.com or Facebook pages ...

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SPEAK OUT! Readers share opinions


Speak Out is a reader response column. Comments may be posted on the newspaper’s website, southcentralfloridalife.com or Facebook pages, emailed to okeenews@iniusa.org or mailed to the newspaper office, 313 N.W. Fourth Ave., Okeechobee, FL 34972.

Third party needed

• “If Biden and Trump return for a rematch, the voters will have to chose the ‘best of the worst’. I hope a good third candidate appears and gets big donors to support their campaign. We also need to change to open primaries and to get a viable third party going in this country.” - Henry Narozny

• “I would be whole-heartedly supportive of a No Labels 3rd party ticket if Biden and Trump are the candidates chosen by the major parties. What our country needs are moderates who really will work with the other party, not more of the same extreme and divisive candidates. We need to look to new alternatives, and I’m happy the founders of No Labels are actually working towards providing the country with these alternatives should we need them.” — Lorri Benson

• “Our political system is broken. It has been taken over by the extreme right and the extreme left. Most Americans, I believe, are somewhere in the middle but the two-party system does not give us a good choice. We end up voting against someone instead of voting for someone. We choose the best of two evils. Instead of dividing this country, we need a candidate who will unite us. Trump or Biden will continue to divide the country. We need another choice, a better more reasonable choice.” – Anonymous

Hot food

• “McDonald’s in Fort Lauderdale was sued after a child was burned when she dropped a hot chicken nugget on her thigh. I remember when the McDonald’s in Okeechobee was sued because a customer spilled some hot coffee. Are restaurants going to have to start serving lukewarm food to avoid lawsuits?” – M. Smith

• “So are we complaining about hot food now? Come on, if you get burned that’s on you when it comes to food.” – Kristie Simon

• “So I can sue the hot pocket people because I don’t let it cool off enough before I go giving myself blisters in my mouth.” – Taylor Hall

• “Never should have made it to court. Any reasonable person knows the food item should/would or could be hot. Once you take possession of such, you assume the responsibility for the same.” – D.N. Haff

• “I heard McDonald’s got sued for the coffee that was too hot and the customer won and got paid. That’s why they have to put the ‘caution - may be too hot’ on the coffee cup.” – Sonia Patrician

• “Yes food is supposed to be hot but if said food gives second and third degree burns, it was made too hot to begin with. They have certain degrees their food should be cooked at so when given to the public even if consumed hot food won’t provide second or third degree burns.” – Amber Sewell

• “Even it there had been a warning on the box, it’s doubtful the mother would have read it. People can’t even obey railroad crossing gates in South Florida.” – Steve Nutter

• “Any responsible mom wouldn’t give their child something hot without cooling it down some. This world has gone nuts.” – Teri Fralix

• “Hey can I sue Breyers because their ice cream gave me a brain freeze? Give me a break!” – Elizabeth Michael